The Other Person’s Relationship

Choosing the Perfect Partnership


Modern living has changed the way people look at long held beliefs and institutions, and marriage is one of them. For some, it is still a dream come true when they formalize their vows and promise to remain together for the rest of their days. Others find it is a legally bound relationship that destroys the spontaneity and romance of their relationship. Seeking a partner in life is a way to share the joys and sorrows, but not all people agree marriage is the way to have a perfect partnership.

Social pressure is still a large factor in the eyes and hearts of many people, and societies where marriage is traditional still believe people should make the formal commitment rather than live together. They see less formal relationships and living arrangements as a lack of commitment, and exerting social pressure is their way to enforce conformity. They will continue to do so until their society chooses to change, so it is best for couples to either conform or leave their home society to live without marriage.

Many of the more modern societies have come to believe it is best to let people work out their own partnership agreements, so there is less pressure on them to make the formal commitment of marriage. While some believe it is easier to stay together, they might find it is not necessarily true. Commitment, formal or not, requires a large investment of time and energy to work. Even with the perfect partner, the lack of formal investment often ends the relationship.

There are no guaranteed formulas for finding and maintaining the perfect partnership between two people, so they must find their own balance. Those who crave the perfect partnership might find marriage is for them, and those seeking a less formal partnership must learn to build their own framework and maintain it to keep their perfect partnership intact for a lifetime.