The Other Person’s Relationship

Exploring a Future Together


Compatibility in partners when dating might seem like the perfect relationship, but many singles wonder if the romance and attraction will fade. They are concerned they or their partner might find life with someone else better in the future, and it makes them hesitate when it comes to a commitment. Exploring a future together is about many different things, and an emotional connection is one of them. Knowing a person is compatible might be nice, but most people looking for a long term relationship want a bit more.

Romance in a relationship comes and goes for most people, yet it can be important when considering a future partnership. A person wants to know their spouse will love them far into the future, and many are not willing to settle for anything less. Part of their decision process is whether or not they will be able to sustain the same feelings, and it can complicate their decision.

Attraction is often about physical looks, and most people know their looks will change as they age. There are some who envision growing old and grey with a partner, yet others may be repulsed by that notion. Looking in the mirror and knowing they will age too could be helpful before they reject the possibility of a good life together.

There are many decisions that go into forming a long term relationship, and people often weigh each facet as if it were the most important. They will need to decide whether or not their lifetime together will fall into the plus category or the negative, and their decision will rest upon how the math comes out in the end. The most optimistic ones might be willing to add a few extra points for love and romance, but the more analytical ones might just write off the relationship.