The Other Person’s Relationship

Seeking Greener Grass


Unhappily married people often fail to realize how difficult it can be to get into a new relationship, and they leave their spouse with the assumption they will find someone new quickly. Being out of the dating game for even a few months can provide singles with multiple adjustments they will need to make, and those who have been married for at least a couple of years might not recognize the landscape. Leaving a spouse instead of working it out is generally a case of seeking greener grass on the other side of the fence, but it might not work out very well.

Relationships today come in many different forms, and those who have been married might not be able to find what they are seeking. If they have children, it can become a complex series of problems to find someone willing to take on a package deal. Their former spouse is unlikely to offer babysitting services for them to date, and they might find their children have a sudden spate of emergencies whenever they are lucky enough to get a date.

Getting back into the world of singles can also be difficult if the person has all married friends. They might not have the time to go out in a group, or their own spouses might find it objectionable. Going out for a drink after work sounds like an easy sell, but married friends are in a hurry to get home and pick up their normal life.

Dating for singles has always been an uncertain time filled with longing, and those who believe that leaving their married life will find it easy to get back into it are not dealing with reality. They will often find nothing more than disappointment as they try to get dates, and they might one day realize just how lucky they were the first time around.