The Other Person’s Relationship

Single Life from a Married Perspective


Married people have times when they feel life in a relationship is too binding, and it is at this time they envy single people. They see someone who does not have to check with a partner when they want to do something spontaneous, or they may see someone without a list of chores to do. Freedom is what they crave, but they often forget there are benefits to the course they have chosen in life. It may last a few hours, days or weeks, but they will eventually remember why they stopped being single.

When people get married, they always have their own expectations. Couples spend the first few years of marriage working out their differences, and they learn to live with their spouse in relative harmony. There are some unspoken rules, and these are often what makes married people yearn for the single life.

One of the most important unspoken rules is letting a partner know important details, and these include bringing a friend home for dinner or going out for drinks spontaneously. Whether or not a person is married to someone, letting a partner know these things is important to maintaining a good relationship. If bringing a friend home, the partner may need to run to the store and get more food. When going out for drinks, it is always good to let a significant other or spouse know. This gives them the option to make their own plans.

Freedom from consulting a spouse on many issues is what a married person sees when they look at the life of a single person. They seem to remember they could do whatever they wanted, and they could go through life without worrying about responsibilities or the expectations of others. They only see someone who can go where they want and do things whenever they want, and the single person never needs to get permission.