The Other Person’s Relationship

Surviving Imperfect Relationships


Few people are willing to admit they are seeking a relationship where they do all the work and their partner receives all the rewards, but it occurs often enough in the modern world. The person in the relationship who finds they get little or nothing from it often questions how it happened, and a fair look would probably point out they made too many compromises when the relationship began. People will give what they have to when maintaining a relationship, but those who successfully avoid work or responsibility will continue in their behavior pattern as long as possible.

There are seldom times when any relationship is perfect, but many of them are dysfunctional from the beginning. These are unbalanced relationships where one person takes advantage of their partner, and they are often practiced at it. Those who choose to be in this type of relationship are often the ones who take everything possible, and the givers are the ones who are actually seeking a relationship that is closer to perfect for both parties.

Surviving in this type of imperfect relationship often means sacrificing everything a person hoped to achieve in their life, and their unhappiness might grow daily. Their partner, selfish from the beginning, will do whatever is necessary to keep them in it. They will use guilt, emotional coercion and even blackmail to keep the person working hard to maintain their easy life. Their ways may be gross or subtle, but they are often successful because they have made it their way of life to succeed in this manner.

Ending this type of relationship is often difficult, but the person who is being used must do it if they want to live a better life. For them, it is about an opportunity to be with a better partner who will share their goals for the future instead of using them selfishly.