The Other Person’s Relationship

The Craving to Marry


Single people spend much of their time outside of work looking for a partner. They are seeking someone for a long term relationship, and many of them want to get married and settle down. They see married life as a way to have another person who will fight with them to get through life, and they see few of the downsides it entails. Single people often envy those they know who have been married for years, and they often want a relationship like that for themselves.

One of the easiest seen benefits of being married is a partner who is there to help when needed. Single people have to do everything on their own when it comes to buying food, paying the bills and doing domestic chores. They often look at married life as having someone to share the burdens, and they believe that means there is more time to enjoy life.

While single people view marriage this way, it is not always how real life works. Married people often have children, and both of them must work to afford a good life. Having someone to help with shopping for food sounds good, but there has to be enough for everyone and someone has to cook it and clean up the dishes. Even domestic chores are not the easy out that single people believe. While there are more people to do the work, there is more work to do. Married people often have larger homes, and they also have more possessions to be picked up, cleaned or dusted.

Married life is about sharing joys, goals and burdens. Single people often see the benefits of being able to share the joys and goals, but they often forget that even married people have burdens. Yes, there is someone to share those with, but that does not always make them easier.